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    Hi there, I linked my discord account but it was the wrong account... any way that I can get this unlinked?

  • Kevin Hardy

    I have the same problem, the acount i linked back in the day i recently deleted and forgot i had it linked.

  • Sean King

    discord will not allow me to link without verifying even though I've already verified and steam is telling me its already linked even though there not linked yet

  • Pony Express

    +1 looking to unlink. 

  • Karin Ahlén

    I have the same issue as Sean King. I have my Discord account linked but when I want to link my Steam account it says that it is already being linked but it is not

  • steven wignall

    linked discord but no founders privlidge

  • Nigel Jenkins

    I am having the same issue as some others, when going to link my Steam account, it is showing as already being linked. I have not done this and would like to know how to remedy this. Cheers o7

  • Deborah Hixson

    Add me to this list also. I am not linked to Steam even though when I try to link it says I already am. A fix would be great so we can get access to the discord stuff as founders

  • Matthias Raschke

    Got the same problem. It says im already linked to my Steam-Account.

  • Pashkin DA

    email already verified and discord doesnt want to link, and steam is telling me its already linked even though there not linked yet :(

  • Trevor S

    I'm already linked to my Steam-Account but it won't show as linked here as the rest of the comments point out. I think the problem is that Steam may be using a random identifier so that a Steam account cannot be hacked or information shared. I could be wrong. Hopefully there is a work around to this. It would be helpful if we were able to just enter our Early Access account number.

  • Dominik Ethier

    Same issue as everyone else, it says that I've already connected my steam account but I obviously haven't.  It sucks because it totally blocks me.

  • Lulu Zealander

    Same issue as others when it comes to linking my steam account:

  • Sergey S

    Same problem when trying to link my Steam account

    "That account is already linked in our system"

    Any news, devs?

  • Kang Seongwon

    i did link, but still cant get the founder role in discord why??

  • James Leonard

    I purchased the Founders Pack through Steam. I have linked both my Steam account and Discord to the Pax Dei account. I still do not have Founders role on Discord. Please assist.


  • Kari House

    Both my discord and Steam accounts are linked. At least they say they are. Yet I do not have Founder's Status on Discord. Is there a way to unlink and relink my accounts? Thanks


  • Bill DeCoux

    I am still getting the "That account is already linked in our system" when I try to link my steam account.


  • Rebecka Reed

    I have both Discord and Steam linked but no founder role on Discord. Please give me the role thank you!

  • Phillip Reardon

    I have the issue with Discord. Both Steam and Google are linked just fine, but the Discord account will not link. When i click on the Discord link from the message, it asks to verify the email. When i hit enter, it tells me, "This email already exists". Please help.

  • Brian Wildrick

    I've got everything linked, but still do not appear to have the Founder's role in Discord.

  • Jake Mckellar

    I've got my steam account linked all good. However when trying to link my Discord, an error message pops up saying "you need to verify your account in order to perform this action". But when i check my security tab on the website it says I'm already verified by email. Very frustrating I've tried getting this role for 2 weeks now. No luck.

  • James Crawford

    Can't link discord. I authorize it to be linked and nothing happens. Just stuck in a loop. 

  • Michael Richter

    It removed my access to the founders' channels. My accounts were linked long ago and remain linked. I use Mainframe launcher.

  • Iyas Mainframe Agent

    Support can help you link your Discord account if you are stuck in a loop. To speed up the process, open a ticket and provide your Discord ID plus your Discord Username.

    If you still get the message "Your Steam is already linked to another account," it is probably because you created another Pax Dei account with a different email and linked your Steam.
    We can try to help you retrieve the email you used, but we don't lightly unlink a Steam account from a Pax Dei account, as it could prevent you from having access to your characters.

    @michael: I can see that the Discord account linked to your Pax Dei account has the founder role
    @james: You contacted us and we were able to forcelink your Discord, we hope it is still working.
    @Jake: Your PxD account is verified, it is possible that the system asks you to verify your Discord account, you can check their support site here : ; don't hesitate to open a ticket if it does not help, provide your Discord ID and DIscord Username and also a screenshot of the error to help us troubleshooting it.
    @Brian @Phillip @Rebecka : I can see you all have the Founder role on Discord, so it seems all good. :)


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